Berks 183

Project Overview

BerksIDA’s most recent endeavor involves developing and bringing Berks Park 183 to market. The ~159 acre site sits adjacent to the Reading airport in one of the most vibrant and growing corridors in the entire county. The site of an old military base sat nearly vacant for decades despite the activity taking place along 183. BerksIDA took on the challenge and is in the final stage of building the infrastructure necessary to spur development within the park. Road improvements, water and wastewater relocations, and other site improvements are expected for completion in fall of 2020.

What Was Done

  • Over a two-year period, Berks IDA sought and obtained an FAA release of the land, unencumbering the site for development
  • A Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) was obtained to improve the intersection at 183 and Aviation Road
  • BerksIDA cleared the land in preparation for development
  • Township approval for the design of Berks Park 183 has been granted
  • BerksIDA expects NPDES approval in fall 2019, allowing infrastructure improvements to move forward at the site
  • Intersection and infrastructure improvements are slated to begin spring 2020 with completion in the fall of 2020
  • Berks Park 183 will accommodate up to 860k sf of light industrial space upon full buildout

Open For Business

Contact us today to discuss how Berks Park 183 can meet your need for space within the County. From 20k sf all the way up to 235k sf, the site accommodates a variety of building footprints.